There is a range of “how to” publications for representative deliberative processes. Some of these are:

  1. A simple outline of “How to run a citizens’ assembly” on the Sortition Foundation’s website. This outline is followed by links to four more detailed publications:
  • A manual, originally issued in 2019, entitled Enabling National Initiatives to Take Democracy Beyond Elections. A joint project of the UN Democracy Fund and the newDemocracy foundation. The manual can be viewed online or downloaded. After a general introduction, the manual is presented in chapters each addressed to a different audience within government: politicians, department heads, project owners, project teams, and facilitators. There is also a final chapter on evidence from around the world.
  • A manuel by Marcel Gerwin, originally issued in 2018 in Krak√≥w, entitled Citizens’ Assemblies – Guide to democracy that works. The English language version of this can be downloaded as a pdf or as an e-book from the Citizens’ Assemblies website.
  • The Extinction Rebellion Guide to Citizens’ Assemblies, produced by Extinction Rebellion UK in 2019, in connection with that organisation’s third demand. The guide can be downloaded as a pdf here.
  • A handbook for local authorities How to Run a Citizens’ Assembly, launched in June 2020 written to incorporate the experiences of three citizens’ assemblies run between September and December 2019 by local authorities England as part of the Innovation in Democracy Programme. A pdf version of this handbook can be downloaded here. There is also a short video (a tad over 6 minutes) which was made to include the reactions of a participant from each of the three trial assemblies.

2. Introduction to Deliberative Democracy for Members of Parliament, (May 2021), by the Westminster Fund For Democracy (WFD) and the newDemocracy foundation. WFD, according to its website, is an Executive Non-Governmental Public Body sponsored by the Foreign, Commmonwealth and Development Office.