A blog on climate assemblies

A recent (August 2021) post on the Constitution Unit Blog is entitled The Momentum Behind Climate Assemblies. It is by Robert Liao, who was a research volunteer at the Constitution Unit until the end of July. It is slightly unfortunate that towards the start of the piece her used the phrase the so-called “deliberative wave”, without perhaps realising that this is a put-down, whereas his tone otherwise is generally positive.

A new book on deliberative democracy

The founder of the newDemocracy foundation, Luca Belgiorno-Nettis, and the Research and Design Program Manager at that Foundation, Kyle Redman, have written a short book The A, B & C of Democracy (cats in the sack) which, in 90 pages of around A5 size, takes just a couple of hours to read. True, and I am not a fast reader. The book sets out the rationale behind, and the broad characteristics of, mini-publics to assist in producing wiser and better public policy. Especially valuable for politically tricky subjects. Ideal reading for our busy decision makers.

The book is published by Carlow Books, and can be obtained in paperback or e-book format from Blackinc Books.