Guide to Citizens’ Assemblies

The UK Extinction Rebellion has just published The Extinction Rebellion Guide to Citizens’ Assemblies which was drafted by their Citizens’ Assemblies Working Group. It’s a great read. XR here could build on it. It’s a pdf document and available to be downloaded. I will bring along a copy to the Working Group meeting on June 29, and also the flyer which XR UK have produced.

Taxing capital kicked down the road – yet again

Reforming our messy and partial taxation of capital and capital gains once more proved too hard for our representative democracy, in the possibly erroneous belief that there is insufficient support from the wider public. Could this be because, as with standard processes of “consultation” through submissions the feedback is biassed towards those with the means, time and experience to make submissions, namely the confident and well off owners of property. Put the thing the other way around: first ask the public, through a properly constituted citizens’ assembly, listening to the experts, what kind of tax system looks fair and effective to them, and then draw up your policy already knowing what is supported.  Howabout it?